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Hooters's Viral Thong Shorts Were a Grasp at Relevancy That Was Never Going to Work
Here’s what Hooters girls from the ’90s to today have to say about the best and worst parts of working there, and why it never seems to change.
How Black Beauty Founders Balance Business and Rest
Finding self-care can be challenging, even when it's your area of expertise.
U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland on Being the First - and the Future
America’s first Indigenous Cabinet member, Haaland steps into her historic role with pragmatism, empathy, and the spiritual guidance of her ancestors.
Allyson Felix Is Headed to Her Final Olympics In Tokyo Wearing Her Very Own Sneaker Brand
The most decorated Olympian in U.S. track and field history is ready for her second act. 
The New Old Stacy London
The What Not to Wear host isn’t on TV anymore. Or in fashion. Or dating men. 
Working From Home Is About to Get So Much Better
In a post-vaxx world, we can take our remote work to friends’ houses, vacation rentals, and anywhere else we please.

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For 'Mother of Sharks' Melissa Cristina Marquez, Her Biggest Fear Is Not Seeing These "Misunderstood Predators" at Sea
Even after suffering a crocodile attack, she's hard at work combatting the misinformation that's rampant in ecological fields — and paving the way for Latina women like her in science.
How CNN's Kaitlan Collins Took an "Apolitical Upbringing" All the Way to the White House
Her news-making MO? "Making sure you're being fair, making sure you're reaching to people, and making sure you're right."

After the Pandemic, We’ll Finally Have to Address the Impossible State of Motherhood

Quarantine living has forced many moms to accept a bumpy ride in a time machine toward a cramped past. Along the way, we've found that the generations-old issues our mothers faced never actually went away.