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Jennifer Aniston Knows What She Wants
With one of Hollywood’s most celebrated careers, our September cover star could rest on her laurels. But after a year of looking back, she's ambitious for a clearer, happier future.
You Don't Know the Real Tessa Thompson, and That's by Design
The Passing actress says people forming opinions of her is simply the "price of admission" to fame. But, she cautions, they're usually wrong.
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Life Before the Internet and Why We Need to Set Boundaries With Our Devices
Tim Cook is the first to acknowledge that with great power comes great responsibility. Here, he shares his “North Star,” how he’s building his legacy, and why we should put the phone down and go for a walk.
Reese Witherspoon Isn't Afraid to Say She's the Best
With her recent nine-figure money moves and a full slate of upcoming projects, the Morning Show star is like the Lebron James of Hollywood — and she’ll be the first to tell you.
Only Alan Cumming Could Go from Eyes Wide Shut to Spice World and Come Out "Rejuvenated"
With a candid new memoir, Baggage: Tales From a Fully Packed Life, out October 26, the prolific actor celebrates everything — good and bad — that has led to this moment.
The New Plastic Surgery Trend Is Bragging About It
On social media, people are getting refreshingly real about their nips and tucks, thanks to open-book celebrities like Marc Jacobs.

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Jennifer Lopez in Her Own Words (and Everyone Else's)
She has been a dominant force in pop culture for 30 years. So how did Jennifer Lopez do it? Here, she, her friends, and her collaborators share the lowdown on J.Lo.
With All Due Respect, Miss Jennifer Hudson
She named her dog Oscar and then won one. Now, she's stepping into Aretha Franklin's shoes for the role of a lifetime.

Regina King, Long May She Reign

By trusting her instincts and playing the long game, Regina King has established herself as Hollywood royalty.