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Hooters's Viral Thong Shorts Were a Grasp at Relevancy That Was Never Going to Work
Here’s what Hooters girls from the ’90s to today have to say about the best and worst parts of working there, and why it never seems to change.
Domestic Violence Isn't a "Private Family Matter"
Alleged abusers work tirelessly to convince people instances of intimate partner violence are "family affairs" that do not require the attention, help, and support of outsiders. 
Dr. Jill Biden Wore a Subtle Leopard Print to Meet the Pope
She and President Biden are in Rome ahead of the G-20 summit.

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Pumping at Work Is Still Awful, but It Might Be Getting Better
On Friday, the House voted to strengthen laws around lactation at work and make the lives of many breastfeeding parents easier.

Being Tokenized in the Workplace Is Bad for Black Women's Health

As president and CEO of the Black Women’s Health Imperative, Linda Goler Blount is making sure companies stay true to the anti-racism promises they made in 2020 — because she knows that lives depend on it.